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In this witty and light operetta, G&S have fun satirizing the British aesthetic movement of the late nineteenth century and Oscar Wilde in particular. The aesthetic poet Bunthorne and the idyllic poet Grosvenor have fallen for Patience, the village milkmaid, much to the disappointment of the Lovesick Maidens who are in turn in love with the poets. Their fiances, the Dragoon Guards, aren’t very happy about that.

Having been told that true love must be unselfish, Patience rejects her true love Archibald Grosvenor, who is too perfect. She agrees to love the imperfect Bunthorne, who admits to the audience that his aestheticism is really a sham done for the adoration of the ladies. On the defection of their idol, the Lovesick Maidens return to the Dragoon Guards, but the short-lived reunion lasts only until Grosvenor appears. Only Jane remains true to Bunthorne. When the Colonel, the Major, and the Duke attempt to become aesthetic to win back their ladies, things become even more complicated (and funny).


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