Cimarron's 2nd Salon Series Season is Starting!  (Say that five times fast!)




Set in a train station, a Representative, the eternal messenger of fate, brings to each of three young women her dearest wish:  One would like to be wealthy; one would like to be famous; and one would like to have a lover in her life.  Each discovers she has not asked for enough:  the rich woman misses real friends; the famous author yearns for love; and the third young woman finds marriage a tedious chore.  Even the Representative is dissatisfied iwth his life.  He needs an assistant to help him with his tough job.  The moral of this comic opera:  We all want too much....or too little.  



Cimarron Opera’s mission is to provide aspiring performing artists and creative technicians a forum for their talents and opportunities to gain valuable training and stage experience, while providing cultural enrichment and education to various audiences across the state and beyond.


In the spring of 1975, Thomas Carey and Carol Brice Carey founded the Church Circuit Opera Company, which was renamed Cimarron Circuit Opera Company in 1981. Thomas Carey and Carol Brice Carey were renowned international performers and professors of music at the University of Oklahoma who sought opportunities for aspiring artists to sing on stage.  They also hoped to bring superior operative productions to Oklahoma.  The artistic spirit of the Cimarron Circuit Opera Company’s founders continue to provide inspiration to succeeding artists and directors.


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