Scholastic Opera Tour   (Spring 2019)

The New Kid addresses bullying at school and illustrates how being different is not such a bad thing after all - it is what makes each of us unique.

The show will run approximately 35-40 mins.

Cost:  Free for Title I Schools. Others please contact us for pricing.

Complete the form below to book your performance! For more information please email Natasha:


Plot summary:

It's the end of summer vacation and the students can’t wait to get back to their first day at school. There are two students, Francine and Paul, who are the best of friends. Francine has a boisterous personality and Paul tends to follow the wise words of his grandmother. Belinda is a new student who is nervous about starting at a new school, and isn’t sure she will fit in. Francine, the instigator of the duo, chooses to pick on Belinda for being different, and Belinda has a miserable first day. That evening, Paul feels guilty about bullying Belinda and he recalls his grandmother’s words: “You should be nice to all the other kids at school.” The next day, Paul decides to right his wrong and to stand up to Francine. Francine tells Paul to choose between her and Belinda, but Paul wants to be friends with both of them! However, Francine is adamant that he choose. In the end, Paul decides to stop the bullying and leave with Belinda. Francine now remembers what it’s like to be all alone. In the end, the three reconcile and agree that being different isn’t such a bad thing after all and become good friends. 


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